We’re not going to lie, every single one of us at Milkshake Tidalwave were devastated by the Leave vote.

Our reasons, like many others, were primarily that we believe in unity, in the strength of being part of something bigger than ourselves and that looking outwards is the key to progression – spiritually, socially and financially.

One of the biggest frustrations about working in a creative industry and finding ourselves in post-Brexit Britain is that we are used to solving problems, and this has thrown up so many problems it’s easy to be overwhelmed and see no immediate solutions.

You will notice that our website has the theme of a 50s style American diner. It’s inspired by the era of 50s/60s advertising where communication was simple and direct.

Volkswagen 1959 ‘think small’ ad.

It’s fitting that one of the most iconic ads of the twentieth century, ’Think small’ for the Volkswagen Beetle, now seems more relevant than ever. It focused on Beetle’s form, which was smaller than most of the cars being sold at the time. This unique focus in an automobile advertisement brought wide attention to the Beetle. Print ads for the campaign were dominated by white space, with a small image of the Beetle shown, emphasising its simplicity and minimalism. The fine print that appeared at the bottom of the page listed the advantages of owning a small car.

Advertising, like a lot of media, has become a dirty word; guilty of selling lies, mistruths and over claims. That’s why at Milkshake Tidalwave we reject the traditional agency model that overcomplicates projects by convincing clients to spend unnecessary amounts of money on things that are not enhancing the brand, but diluting it.

‘Thinking smaller’ applies to our approach to communication. In terms of concept development, we believe in focusing on the essence of the brand. ‘The truth’, not the buzzwords or advertising ‘speak’. We want to get to know our clients and we are inspired by small brands, wanting to make a mark in a big world.

So does this contradict our feelings about Brexit? Haven’t we made ourselves very small? A small island where it’s now harder to sell and create in a challenging economy? The answer is, it depends how you want to look at it.

We believe that in the climate we find ourselves, ‘Thinking small’ is more relevant than ever. And not for the reasons this may imply. ‘Thinking small’ is about doing more with less money. It’s about cutting through the advertising pollution and creating communication that is simpler, more honest and more human.

The irony about the Beetle ad was that in thinking small, they actually became very very big. The campaign was refreshing and was admired for it’s honesty and simplicity. For us, a post-Brexit Britain means that because so many mistruths and lies have been exposed, brands owe it to consumers more than ever to be honest, to be refreshing and to think smaller to achieve big things.

That is the work we want to create. We ‘Think small’ in order to make a big impact.

Image source: https://goo.gl/O03Mpj