Our Milkshake Tidalwave menu:

Milkshake Tidalwave Services


Working closely with clients to create work through the embryonic stages to the hatched final product, we strategise a brief, decide the right channels for communication, develop concepts, and see the idea through to production and post production.

Art Direction

We oversee all branding and design projects, employing our design judgement and technical knowledge into production.

Be Your Own Director!

If you had a camera crew and an editor, what would you do with them? Would you make a film about your business, a love letter to your significant other or a match day epic of your kid’s football match? We know a picture says a thousand words, so what does a film say?

Here are some ideas for the kind of thing you could create: Ode to your pet, engagement video, an event, document ‘a day in the life’, corporate business film, Kickstarter campaign, your own music video, training film, social commentary or viral video to name a few…


Using our creative experience and skills we cherry pick the right teams for stand out, unforgettable  design.


Copy should always be to the point.

Concept Development

Turning abstraction in actuality and ideas into realisation. We love to pick, pluck and scratch our brains to unearth beautiful new creations.

Content Development

Attention to detail is everything. We are perfectionists.


We have hugely talented in house editors.

Film & Video

Every single one of us is in love with this medium. But then, who isn’t?


Long live print. Print will never die. (We only work with eco-friendly printers.)

Social Media Strategy

Hits, hits, hits…. all the hits.