What do you mean when you talk about cherry picking talent?

We are a multidisciplinary company. We have a network of inspired and talented individuals with totally different skills sets. Every project is unique and deserves a handpicked team that sparks electricity and brilliance when they collaborate.

How do we speak about the subject no-one likes to discuss – money?

Really easy, ask us! Tell us what you want to achieve and who you want to reach and we’ll put together a value for money proposal depending on your budget and what is achievable within that budget.

How long does a project typically take from start to finish?

It totally depends on the scale of the project. We like to work with momentum and so generally we believe that working carefully and with speed gets the best results. Like F1!

Where are you based?

We work between Camden Town and Bethnal Green in London but are happy to travel. We like seeing new places.

Who did you vote for in the EU referendum?

IN. We believe in people and especially people who work together.

What inspires you?

The golden age of TV that’s currently gracing our screens, Kar Wai Wong, Iris the fashion designer, guitars, personal stories, neatly laid out objects, chefs who are also artists, travel, free postcards, the blues, bookshops, a dog called Daphne, aerial views, kindness, people inspired by kindness, wrapping paper, garlic, the colour palette from Edward Scissorhands, 70s skate photos, science, underwater worlds, Murakami, young people who know more than we do, coffee from Napoli, DIY and the fact that this list could be infinite.

Who created your branding and website?

Triple Double and Mark Jenkins. Mark is a UX designer defining, prototyping and designing experiences that solve real problems. Triple Double is a studio that uses design to help solve people’s problems – design that adds value.

How can I work with you?

Drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to work with us on. We are always looking to expand our network of fresh talent to collaborate with.