Damnit. Who has a blog section on their website and doesn’t update it? Us.

Well, here are some highlights of what has been going with us since the we last posted straight after Brexit… sob.

So, Trump got in. No not really going to talk about him, we’ll save our breath.

Our feature length documentary film A Queer Country about the LGBT community in Israel (see the trailer below) had its UK premiere at the UK Jewish Film Festival. Lisa and Harriet (the director and producer) gave a Q&A at the Phoenix Cinema in Finchley, London.

Its currently being screened in sunny Santa Barbara at the SBIFF http://schedule.sbiff.org/films-events/1977102267

We made a great new friend in wonderful Wilfrid Wood. His sculptural portraits are brutally bold. Wilfrid cut his teeth at Spitting Image but has worked in his Hackney studio on his own projects for years. He takes inspiration from dating websites, Instagram, celebrities and his own friends. We spent a week with Wilfrid as his moulded the face of British novelist Will Self from plasticine.

The film was selected as Staff Pick on Vimeo and was picked up on Facebook by Nailed It.

Here’s a snap we took at Wilfrid’s studio:

We’ve also been working on food and drink brands, documenting anti-Trump marches and spending quality time with a spoken word poet.

We’ll try to post more regularly now. And if Trump is impeached, we promise to make a 5 minute film for free to the first come first serve client, we’ll be that happy…